Chip & Shannon

Our lives share a passion for technical apparel and the athletics that inspire it. We were intertwined before we knew it. As a team we embrace the life we’ve built. Starting a new company, having three children, and getting married, we tend to dive in and come out smiling.

Created by technical apparel design pioneers and lululemon athletica founders Chip and Shannon Wilson, whil is a global conversation about being the calm in the chaos.

We believe whil is everything you need to live a full contact life. It’s the edge to help manage the ins and outs, the ups and downs, and create the possibilities in our exponentially faster digital world. It is about arming ourselves with the ability to hit the reset button, and reboot without ever losing your cool to achieve greatness.


About Us

Our mission is to create peace of mind. We do this by sharing 60-second meditation and other tools to help today's urban professionals on the brink of burnout, thrive. Read Story  »


Meet Chip

As a child, there were two dominant forces in my life: sewing and sports. My Mom taught me all about stitching, seams, and how garments come together. Both Mom and Dad were athletes too, and they inspired my competitive spirit. Read Story  »


Meet Shannon

Full Contact Life is an expression I’ve been using since I was a teenager. For me, it is a mindset to embrace all that life throws at you, the good, the really good and the bad. Read Story  »

Chip Wilson
Chip Wilson

There are moments in life when everything comes into perfect view. This is one of them.